Tutorial: Create a personal webpage in RStudio using R/blogdown

This tutorial will be published in August 2019. Thank you for your patience.

Purpose of the Workshop

This is meant to be a hands-on short workshop for people who are interested in creating a personal website within RSudio. It is meant for users familiar with R and RStudio. The pesonal website will consist of static but modern webpages generated by blogdown. The website can be hosted on Github, and deployed by Netlify. Don’t worry if this sounds foreign right now.


At the end of the workshop, you will have a basic webpage that you can further customize outside the workshop.


You will need to install/update the software on your computer. For details, see the installation details. In creating the content for this workshop (and the online tutorial), I have made some assumptions about you:

  1. You have a GitHub Account and you know your password
  2. You are familiar with R, RStudio and, at least, vaguely familiar with RStudio Projects
  3. You have heard of Markdown or R markdown
  4. You can install/update software on your computer

Pre-workshop Homework

Please follow the instllation/update instructions for Mac and Windows.